EU/UK Shipping


Due to Etsy specifically hiding pro-palestinian rhetoric on their marketplace and supporting pro-Israel sentiment, I can no longer in my right mind continue to pay Etsy for their services until further notice. This means that I will no longer be able to use Etsy as a means to allow any customers from the EU/UK pre-pay their VAT fees. I apologize for any inconveniences! While you may still be able to order from my bigcartel site, please note that you will have to pay the VAT fee when the shipment reaches your local courier. 

I have updated listings so that orders that only contain stickers and mini prints can be sent to your country for a mere $1. These orders are also not subject to VAT fees. However, please be aware that there is considerable risk involved as this shipping option does not contain tracking. To reduce the risk, you can add tracking here

I currently do not ship to Germany as I am no longer registered in compliance with the German Packaging Act (VerpackG). If I notice an order whose destination is to Germany, I will contact you and cancel your order.

The information below will remain on this page for the time being, but as of this update it is not currently in effect.


Please go to my etsy store if you are ordering within the EU or UK! 

Etsy allows for buyers in the EU and UK to pay their VAT taxes upfront and avoid any hidden or extra fees. I highly recommend using this method if you are ordering in those countries! 

While my etsy product prices are a bit higher than my bigcartel prices to offset etsy's fees, the price markup for the product is subtracted from the shipping fee so that what you pay will better reflect the prices I have on my bigcartel.

It is also possible to place your order through bigcartel, but please keep in mind that you are responsible for paying the tax when it arrives to you. If you decide to not pay the fee and the parcel is returned to me, I will not refund you for the shipping cost. If the package is abandoned or lost, I cannot offer any refunds. As such, I highly recommend any EU/UK customers to use my etsy store instead!

If you order through bigcartel, I may shoot you a message before fulfilling your order.

Here is the information for general international orders