Splatoon Cookie - Handmade Clay Pins

$8.00 USD - $10.00 USD

A freshly baked batch of homemade squiddie and octo cookies...? WRONG! These deceptively delectable treats are in fact, not edible goodies but rather a cute little pin to accessorize with!

B-grades of these pins are available at a discounted price! All clay pins are handmade and have imperfections, but this batch of pins has been carefully categorized due to varying quality. Please refer to the images to look closely at the detail before deciding to purchase!

Polymer clay, acrylic gouache, and polycrylic glaze.
Pins come with a rubber backing.

Size: approx. 1 inch

Due to the nature of these clay pins being handmade, each pin is unique and therefore will harbor some imperfections (brushstroke texture on the glaze, slight smudging, lumpy edges, etc). Along with all other products in this shop, refunds and returns are not accepted. NOT REAL FOOD, DO NOT EAT. Keep away from small children!